The turbo diesel engine offerings on the All-new Trailblazer  (available in 2.5L or 2.8L variant) are expected to deliver outstanding fuel economy, acceleration, and towing capabilities.  The 2.5L variant delivers 163HP with 380NM of torque, while the 2.8L variant has 200HP and 500NM. The engines are equipped with a high-pressure common rail fuel injection system and pneumatic & position feedback controlled variable geometry turbocharger (VGT – applied on 2.8L) with intercooler. The end result: The engines are among the industry’s most powerful and fuel-efficient diesel offerings in their respective displacement classes allowing you to go further.
While unquestionably robust, the Trailblazer is extremely well-mannered on the road, thanks largely to its exceptional  5-link rear suspension system not usually found in other vehicles in the Trailblazer's competitive set .  The unique configuration of this suspension system supports the outstanding ride and handling capability of the Trailblazer.
The Trailblazer's ride and handling dynamics rival and,  in many cases, even surpass those of similar sized unibody, crossover vehicles.  Its car-like road response, premium-ride feel, generous space and quietness make the Trailblazer a fitting SUV elevating family trips, sporting and work-related activities to a whole new level of excitement.  The Trailblazer's smooth ride, isolation, body motion, shake, cornering, and handling characteristics are simply outstanding making each drive and ride enjoyable and comfortable.